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When is the airdrop eligibility phase?

There are two eligibility phases; the first phase ended in the first week of November and the second phase ended in the second week of November.

What is a snapshot and when is the snapshot?

A snapshot is a record of the addresses of CXN holders and stakers, their times of entry, and amounts of held or staked CXN; the snapshot will be done in the third week of November.

When is the actual distribution of the airdrop?

The distribution of the airdrop will be done after the token sale, slated for December and will run till Q1, 2021; the actual period of the token sale will be communicated at a later date; kindly stay-tuned. …



CXN Network is a research-and-deploy start-up,which aims to build products around centralized and decentralized finance, at the core of deflationary tokenomics

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