We are excited to announce another milestone in our mission to integrate traditional finance and blockchain via Coxena (exchange, savings, crowdfunding and lending) and Coxena Wallet. The public sale of $COX is live on the Yearn Secure platform. Anyone can participate; all it takes is connecting your wallet, and you’re good to go! Ensure you use a PC for a smooth purchase

About Coxena

Coxena is all-in-one platform, which integrates market-needed services (exchange, savings, lending and crowdfunding) to streamline users’ transactions. The exchange service allows users to trade non-crypto assets(Gift Cards, PayPal, AliPay, MoneyGram, etc), crypto assets (BTC, and Alts)and fiats on+off…

COX Token Sales

The private sale began on the 10th January, 2021, and ended on the 10th February, 2021. Even thought we had interests, which amounted to 2400ETH, none was converted as, obviously, the potential participants wanted their funds to be released immediately after the token sales. Well, we were not desperate to embrace that option as the resultant effect would not have been healthy for the community and public sales’ participants.

As earlier communicated, the public sales were supposed to start on the 11th February, 2021; we have already completed the sale page, even before the private sale began.

The Private Sale and Vesting Terms

The private sale started on the 10th Jan., 2021, pegged at a minimum purchase of 100 ETH.

In two weeks, we got 12 responses, with a potential participant filling in 1000 ETH.

Upon the interest indication, their engagement followed, but there was a common take-a-step-back trend, caused by the vesting terms.

Lots of people do not seem to understand the vesting terms, and we have taken it upon ourselves to further clarify the terms.

As a private sale participant, during the distribution, 30% of your purchase will be released to you.

The 30% won’t be transferable for the first 3…


CXN is the utility and grand token, which powers CXN Network. It was issued during the initial phase of funding to develop CXN Network’s products. $250,000 was raised, $50,000 was released to the team, and a large part (60%) of the fund was locked on Uniswap to provide liquidity for the participants.

CXN runs on a deflationary model, furnished by a transfer tax. A portion of the tax rewards the holders while the other portion is being burnt as every on-chain transfer and unstaking are executed. This works well on decentralized exchanges and reflects why CXN has not been listed…

The Private Sale Is Live

At CXN Network, we have been hard at work while following our roadmap to the nth degree. Upon the launch of the alpha version of our first product, Coxena , we are thrilled to release the look and feel of the beta, at first glance.

Coupled with the release of the beta, at first glance, the COX staking platform, and the token sales are live. The token sales have two major phases, private and public.

Private Sale:

Total : 45,000,000 COX

1 ETH = 18,000 COX

Amount to be raised: 2,500 ETH

Minimum amount of contribution from each participant: 100 ETH


When is the airdrop eligibility phase?

There are two eligibility phases; the first phase ended in the first week of November and the second phase ended in the second week of November.

What is a snapshot and when is the snapshot?

A snapshot is a record of the addresses of CXN holders and stakers, their times of entry, and amounts of held or staked CXN; the snapshot will be done in the third week of November.

When is the actual distribution of the airdrop?

The distribution of the airdrop will be done after the token sale, slated for December and…

Introduction to COX

The COX token is a dynamic deflationary token, furnished by a transfer tax. It is built with intrinsic economy at the heart of novel functionalities, staking 2.0, on-chain referral network, LP incentive structure, and burning mechanism. The deflationary nature is dynamic as it can be stopped anytime the adoption is significant enough to offset its economy. The launch of the COX tokens has five phases, airdrop snapshot, token sale, token distribution, listing on Uniswap, and airdrop distribution. Most of the phases would be completed before the big releases (beta and app) which are slated for the Q1, 2021.


Staking 2.0

For the sake of this article, Coxena is an all-in-one exchange for trading digital assets at the heart of escrow, fiat on+off ramps, instant swap, and dispute resolution service. The operational models, in their entirety, are aimed at an unparalleled financial inclusion, and we are excited about the journey ahead. As the vision has always revolved around a rich user experience (UX), we are obliged to release this guide, which expedites and simplifies the trading of Gift Card for BTC (Bitcoin) and vice versa. Ride with us as we walk you through the steps!


Step 1:

First off, register…

As the community is a key driving force behind CXN Network, we believe passion and enthusiasm should be rewarded. As a result, this approach aims to reward active community members (excluding the ambassadors and the core team members) while they promote their interests, around CXN Network, on social media.

We have developed a point system for each social media channel:

Twitter: 5 points for a post and 3 points for every commented re-tweet (limited to 1 per day)

Reddit / 4 Chan: 5 points for a post and 2 points for every comment on the thread (limited to 1 per…

The Escrow System

As digital assets whose creations leverage Blockchain technology are gaining traction among users everyday, there should be a safe platform for users to seamlessly complete their transactions, putting flexibility of payment methods, reliable security measures, extremely simplified user interface, awesome support services,etc at the center of consideration. As an upshot , we bring to you COXENA

It is no doubt that good products “speak” for themselves, and Coxena is typic; it offers a high quality platform for users to exchange their digital assets (AliPay, Gift Cards, etc) and fiat currencies (Naira, USD, etc) for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), CXN Network…


CXN Network is a research-and-deploy start-up,which aims to build products around centralized and decentralized finance, at the core of deflationary tokenomics

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