As the community is a key driving force behind CXN Network, we believe passion and enthusiasm should be rewarded. As a result, this approach aims to reward active community members (excluding the ambassadors and the core team members) while they promote their interests, around CXN Network, on social media.

We have developed a point system for each social media channel:

Twitter: 5 points for a post and 3 points for every commented re-tweet (limited to 1 per day)

Reddit / 4 Chan: 5 points for a post and 2 points for every comment on the thread (limited to 1 per day)

YouTube: 10 points for every YouTube video posted (limited to 1 per week)

Medium: 5 points for an article (limited to 1 per week)

Crypto News Outlets: 10 points for a published article on a valid source (unlimited)

These points will be tallied with each participant’s Telegram username as often as possible (ideally daily), and the point totals would be shared in the CXN Community Marketing Channel and the main channel. To boot, each point a member has would get them one entry into a random draw to pick the winners, and, at the end of every two weeks, there would be a draw to select 5 winners of $100 (in CXN) each. This actively starts on Monday, 12/10/2020.

Condition: The participants must be holders or stakers

This month, October, 2020, 100,000 CXN would be staked by the team and posted on Telegram and Twitter every three weeks, to flaunt how huge the staking reward is. Anyone (holder or staker) can like, tweet and post on his or her page and earn additional point.

At the end of the year, 2020, the staked CXN and the rewards would be shared, based on the point system, by the top 10 participants.

To participate, join the channel and the group created for the campaign:



On the group page, only one post (from each member)is permitted in 24 Hrs. This means every member should compile their activity for the day and send to the group at once. Then, it is checked by the campaign manager for approval and point award, and this would surely be interesting as we look forward to seeing the community activity at a higher level.

About CXN Network

CXN Network is a tech start-up, which aims to implement solutions in various industries in response to available and viable market opportunities. The leverage of Blockchain and other components of the fourth industrial revolution is at the core of our operations, and the implication of our operational models is we could deploy centralized and decentralized products in any industry as long as the growth potential indicator is positive.

Our mission is to build robust platforms, which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time(as regards positive users’ experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make CXN Network one of the largest, tech-solution companies in the world in terms of safety, quality products, trust, active support system, and simplified user interface.

At the inception, the primary target is the financial-inclusion markets upon the discovery of viable market opportunities presented by this domain. As a result, our first products will be released with a tactical approach, which inherently grows its influence and is tailored to the target.

CXN Network is a research-and-deploy start-up,which aims to build products around centralized and decentralized finance, at the core of deflationary tokenomics

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