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The Private Sale and Vesting Terms

In two weeks, we got 12 responses, with a potential participant filling in 1000 ETH.

Upon the interest indication, their engagement followed, but there was a common take-a-step-back trend, caused by the vesting terms.

Lots of people do not seem to understand the vesting terms, and we have taken it upon ourselves to further clarify the terms.

As a private sale participant, during the distribution, 30% of your purchase will be released to you.

The 30% won’t be transferable for the first 3 months, and the essence is to prevent a huge market dumping at launch as it is not healthy for the ecosystem. However, the 30% is stakeable.

After the first 3 months, 15% will be released every month until the private sale distribution is complete.

If you have any question around the private sale, kindly ask in the Telegram community.

Also, the minimum amount of purchase has been reviewed downward and it is now 10 ETH. We believe this will allow more people to participate, and ensure the private sale is concluded very soon.

COX CEX Listings

Once we have confirmations, the actual listings will follow. This has a significance as it increases the COX holder base.

Products' Updates

We are still on track to launch this quarter and we believe the reiteration is very important to boost confidence.

About CXN Network

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Our mission is to build robust platforms, which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time(as regards positive users’ experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make CXN Network one of the largest, tech-solution companies in the world in terms of safety, quality products, trust, active support system, and simplified user interface.

At the inception, the primary target is the financial-inclusion markets upon the discovery of viable market opportunities presented by this domain. As a result, our first products will be released with a tactical approach, which inherently grows its influence and is tailored to the target.

CXN Network is a research-and-deploy start-up,which aims to build products around centralized and decentralized finance, at the core of deflationary tokenomics

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