COX Token Sales

The private sale began on the 10th January, 2021, and ended on the 10th February, 2021. Even thought we had interests, which amounted to 2400ETH, none was converted as, obviously, the potential participants wanted their funds to be released immediately after the token sales. Well, we were not desperate to embrace that option as the resultant effect would not have been healthy for the community and public sales’ participants.

As earlier communicated, the public sales were supposed to start on the 11th February, 2021; we have already completed the sale page, even before the private sale began.

However, we would like to pivot and take the route of launching through a launchpad. That way, we could leverage their community, offset the intended volume of the private sale, and reach the softcap. The application is currently being processed. Thus, kindly stay glued, so you would know how things evolve in that regard.

Also, currently, we are in discussion with some CEX’s to get COX listed at launch, and it is going very well, even though we cannot say much on that.

Product Development

We have been hard at work, trying to launch this quarter and things are moving really fast around the web and the mobile app developments. We are still on track to launch this quarter.


Tons of improvements are coming for CXN in the next weeks and its deflationary migration might be much sooner than earlier expected. The migration, at this point, is very important as it is instrumental in unveiling its potential to large groups of people, with little or no barriers of entry.

About CXN Network

CXN Network is a tech start-up, which aims to implement solutions in various industries in response to available and viable market opportunities. The leverage of Blockchain and other components of the fourth industrial revolution is at the core of our operations, and the implication of our operational models is we could deploy centralized and decentralized products in any industry as long as the growth potential indicator is positive.

Our mission is to build robust platforms, which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time(as regards positive users’ experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make CXN Network one of the largest, tech-solution companies in the world in terms of safety, quality products, trust, active support system, and simplified user interface.

At the inception, the primary target is the financial-inclusion markets upon the discovery of viable market opportunities presented by this domain. As a result, our first products will be released with a tactical approach, which inherently grows its influence and is tailored to the target.

CXN Network is a research-and-deploy start-up,which aims to build products around centralized and decentralized finance, at the core of deflationary tokenomics

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